Thursday, January 29, 2009

1.29 Day 6

Catherine Opie faves...
Abandoned TV (2005)

Oliver in a Tutu (2004)

Miggi & Ilene, Los Angeles, California (1995)

Rainbow Kite (2005)

Divinity Fudge (1997)

Melissa & Lake, Durham, North Carolina (1998)

Memory Itch...
In my wee teen years, my girl friend and I used to lay on her bedroom floor on our stomachs in front of her boom box, eating twinkies and making mixed tapes of our recorded voices and songs we snagged off the radio, but only if we could time them just perfectly. Our tracked conversations were more giggles and noise making than anything and the music was always the latest R&B crap from Q104-7. I haven't the faintest idea whether those tapes exist anymore but I would pay top dollar to get my hands on them.
My thought is that by putting this memory to hand my mind will put it at rest for the time being.

My head is cloudy.

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