Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1.27 Day 4

This has to be my favorite piece of art at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. I was fascinated with the production the first time arou
nd and have since become pretty enamored.
This line appears in the 1957 movie
Sweet Smell of Success, written by Ernest Lehman and Clifford Odets and directed by Alexander Mackendrick. It is a code phrase uttered by one of the characters to indicate that a dirty job has been done.
When he saw the film, Christopher Wool was struck by the poetry and sinister terseness of the phrase.
This work is part of a series of language-based black-and-white paintings that Wool began making in the mid-1980s.
As John Baldessari said, "Art is a creation for the eye and can only be hinted at with words."

Though I attempt at daily blogs, the job's currently got the best of my time. I'm trying...but will be back tomorrow.

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