Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1.28 Day 5

Purse, Please...
I'm in dire need of a new handbag. I've nearly lost my most essential and sentimental belongings from my current bag more than once and after last night's incident I realize my carelessness is evident and my patience is running out. Can I just have the best of both worlds please, functionality and a look to be relished? I found this bag, Tod's Bauletto "Helmut" tote, and I'm definitely crushing. Though I can't necessarily afford it ($1500 for the smaller 14 x 8.5) a girl can dream, can't she? I'll take the white one, please.

On a different note... Cat and dog weather. Snow, more snow, (brrrrrr) cold. Oh, and the rain, sleet, and hail party, also known as "wintry mix". That's the best term the meteorologists could come up with..."wintry mix". I love it. So I dream of summer time, warm sun, picnics, and bikinis. A visual may help.
I thank my "friend" who was here in the city not long ago for the photo.

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