Thursday, January 22, 2009

1.22 Day 1

It is nearly always the simple pleasures in life that I enjoy the most. This is the case with art as well. A few elementary words, maybe an ordinary and informal picture. Yet it is this art that seems the most sincere, the most romantic, the most dreamy...

I originally saw this poster appear in the 2006 September issue of Domino magazine in a shabby white frame on a fireplace mantal. I instantly fell in love. It has been especially popular and been reprinted a few times since, each time with a price increase. It was designed in 2004 as a part of a thesis project in the Graphic Design program at Yale University. It can be found at

This is a 9x9" two color hand pulled screenprint, printed with Golden brand acrylics on handcut vintage Strathmore Pastelle Antique Yellow stock. This is number 17 out of a variable edition of 20.

Original ACEO art trading card. Created with letterpress printing--two colors, hand-set type, image made with photopolymer plate. This is a simply quirky little card in a series of eight with various characters and captions.

Oh, miss Antoinette, when did it all get so complicated?
This lovely poster was designed and hand screen printed on Rives Heavyweight printmaking paper. It is just off-white and oh so tough-but-tender in character. Natural and torn deckle edges, each print is signed and dated on the verso. Image size is 9"x12".

This is a "Live What You Love" 4th edition print. Differently used wood type blocks from 1st and 2nd edition, and same, but slightly different (due to vintage condition) wood type blocks from 3rd edition and it is limited to only 50 prints. It is in 8x10 inches, letterpressed by hand using vintage wood type blocks on 110lb, 100% cotton Lettra paper (means no tree!). I just couldn't help myself and purchased a red print.

Wish me well. This flu has me up against a wall.

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