Monday, May 25, 2009

5.25 Day 52

Sorry Mom...

This local DJ was nice and sweet at first. Not only would he sit at the mall and rave with glow sticks to try and get people to think he was cool, but he would constantly tell me how bad he wanted me. Even though I repeatedly told him I didn’t want him. And when I wouldn’t give in, he’d literally suck on my mouth/nose (his version of making out) and then try to finger me in public. If that’s not bad enough, after a rainy night we went to my friend’s house to dry off and watch a movie. He proceeded to finger her when I wouldn’t jerk him off, while I was in the room, and then asked me to leave so he could ask her to blow him. No thanks, pal.

I met this guy and on our first date, he fed me a slew of hard-to-believe stories, which included that his penis has been used as a mold for a dildo, that he owned several tattoo parlors, that he was one of the top shooters in the world and that he was dying of cancer. With so many red flags raised I should’ve walked away but I felt sorry for his failing health and curious about his allegedly famous cock. I wasn’t disappointed with the size, it was the biggest I had ever seen, but he was the worst lay I have ever had - I think the dildo would have been more fun. To top it all off, he kept talking about threesomes after a girlfriend of mine said he was cute one night. I agreed to set us up but after she didn’t pay full attention to him at the bar the night they met up after 5 minutes, he got upset and left in a huff. The next day, at 8 am, he IM’d me saying that I was drama and jealous and territorial. Wait, what? Didn’t I just try to have a threesome with you? He called me a week later to tell me he found and banged my friend and never called her back, to spite me. Yeah, I’m heartbroken you banged the girl I found for you. What a crazy, crazy man. I don’t know if his stories are true, but I do know that this is one guy I’ll cross the street to avoid in the future.

Because I bang the worst dudes
(not me though...never...)

Because it's just fun...
Weezer covering MGMT and Lady Gaga (live at T-Mobile party 5/14/09)

I want to play Twister.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

5.21 Day 51

ffffound round...

I'm kind of digging these looks...
Diesel Black & Gold
Alice & Olivia

My head is somewhere between the clouds and a ridiculous dreamy state. I'm realizing more and more what a romantic dreamer I am. As much as I despise chick flicks, I want someone to throw rocks at my window and meet me on my stoop when I walk home from work. I don't want the flowers, a ring on my finger, the obvious gestures. Just the simple acts that scream. I'm pretty sure my heart is too big and I'm probably too much of a lover. All unfavorable in present circumstances. Boo.

Stay cool kiddos. It's damn hot.

Friday, May 15, 2009

5.15 Day 50

Retiring the knee socks...

I've always said, if I could wear anything always it would be dresses and tights. NY has been good to me in that sense. No one pulled that shit off in So Cal. And now the weather is turning and I couldn't be happier. I love me some purty dresses. And these little chickadees aren't bad either.

Reason to sing.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

5.12 Day 49

Because I'm pissed...
Jerk. Why's you gotta go making me melt then making me ache? Meanie.

I'm better than you.

Monday, May 11, 2009

5.11 Day 48

My girl is leaving...

And I'm oh so sweet on her.
Because it's only us that play in the rain, eat McDonald's twice a day, milkshakes, smokey tokey breaks, fresh boys, chicken wings, lunch picnics, all nighters, roll around in the grass and climb trees, fire escapes, christmas lights, sunglasses and balmy pictures, spin the bottle...

Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk. -Dalai Lama


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

5.09 Day 46

Because my head hurts too much...

I just have this for today.

I miss you C.W.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

5.07 Day 45

I found it. I want it...

Hola Decks

Tima watch. Via

Lili Lite Bookshelf. Via

Socket Deer.
These electrical outlet covers let you put your mobile phone on the wall as it recharges. The antlers for all three types of deer are already the perfect shape to hold things, so we hardly had to modify the forms at all. The tough urethane rubber we used for the cover holds handsets tightly, and also protects the antlers from breakage should you bump into them. Socket-deer can also be used as a cover for light switches, and the antlers make an excellent hook for keys or accessories. Via

I fucking love this song (minus Jimmy Fallon)


Shane, here you are. I will share my cupcakes with you.

I teared up and literally almost started crying watching Grey's Anatomy tonight. WHAT the HELL is WRONG with me? Please let it be, oh, it's just that time of month shit, because I SO do not get like that. Ok, well maybe for boys and good friends and family, but tv? Ugh.