Wednesday, March 31, 2010

4.01 Day 72

1,2,3,4...kick that fucker out the door...

PUBLIC SCHOOL is a group of creative folk working on the east side of Austin together, yet not together. The same studio, different professions. Similar tastes, varying favorite Bob Dylan song. Consistently unified love for the Mexican food on the east side of town.

What Public School Is:
A collective
3 photographers
4 designers
1 illustrator
3 dogs
A workspace
Close to Progress Coffee
Looking to buy a 72 Bronco
Full of good ideas
Up for a game of flag football

What Public School Is Not:
A frat house
A series of tubes
A Real School
Just a blog
Involved with the Illuminati
A get rich quick scheme

Jay B designed some posters to with some lessons to live by and things to keep in mind. He said his elementary teachers used to post a lot of posters with cheesy inspirational sayings growing up and just wanted to pay the favor forward.
lookie look here

As my good friend once said to me, I am not forgettable. So take a hike little boy.

Happy April Fool's day. Go dream up some tricks and tell some jokes.


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