Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 123

Why must we proclaim so loudly and with such intensity what we are, what we want, and what we do not want? -Nietzsche

“Let’s start a magazine

to hell with literature
we want something redblooded

lousy with pure
reeking with stark
and fearlessly obscene

but really clean
get what I mean
let’s not spoil it
let’s make it serious

something authentic and delirious
you know something genuine like a mark
in a toilet

graced with guts and gutted
with grace.”

squeeze your nuts and open your face

—e.e. cummings

I cried in church last night and enjoyed yoga today. Two things I never imagined would cross my path. I thought I was there to be his pillar to lean on, to help him find his way and I see it now that he is just that for me...opening my eyes and life up to new experiences and ways of being. I've never been with someone who has made me actually want to better myself as he does. And I know when I catch him staring at me, right before he kisses my nose or forehead, he's thinking the same thing. We help each other see our own potential, and for that, I'm so in love it's gross. Gross and gooey with butterflies.


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