Wednesday, September 15, 2010

9.15 Day 98

I used to be someone else. But then I traded myself in...

pin camera on turntable

I often feel that I'm in this torrid relationship with NY, more so than just referring to it as home. I love this city. It has given me so much. It's humbled me, has taught me patience. I've gained my independence here, have learned to love being alone. New York has shown me how to take a deep breath and laugh when my kitchen is on fire or when I fall in the snow, rather than throw a fit or cry. I love it for the people it's brought into my life, good and bad, because the good will stick and the assholes have just shown me how much better I am. New York has also hardened me and taken more energy than I have to give at times.
Yet every time when I get off a plane from somewhere and land here, it's a breath of fresh air and the city's energy once again engulfs me. So here I am...


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