Monday, April 13, 2009

4.13 Day 37

Shoot, I want these boots.

Mike & Chris Paxton ankle boots
(about $500-$600 bucks, unless snagged on Ebay)

I've always had a crush on Rob Dyrdek. This is kinda why...

I've been irresolute about what exactly I want to with fashion, but my ideas are dialed now...
Store front/window display installations, particularly for killer upscale fashion boutiques.
Here's a bit of inspiration to keep me afloat until I hit the books...

Prada, Paris

Marc Jacobs, NYC

Calvin Klein

Bergdorf Goodman, NYC


Fashion, art, design...the best of all worlds wrapped up into a pretty damn dreamy job, right?
So excited.

Clapping my hands,

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