Friday, February 20, 2009

2.20 Day 15

So I attempt to do all the good deeds I can muster. Pick up random trash, offer a light for someone who looks like they need one, open doors, offer up seats on the subway, all the "pleases" and "thank yous". That's just how I roll. Today, a mom with a stroller the size of a mini cooper was standing at the top of the subway stairs appearing to having a panic attack. I offered to help her carry her stroller down the stairs, she accepted. I, having just picked up my coat from the dry cleaners, spilled my coffee all over it in the process. I'm sorry, but when does the karma kick in? And, my birthday is tomorrow! Shoot.

I posted a piece of art I found, and purchased from Etsy, a while back. The artist just printed a new piece of cake that I also find quite lovely...
Thank you, Hijirik, for your email.

I'm off to part-eh! Happy birthday to me.

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